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Conditions under which "A Lovely Drop" cannot be completed (spoiler-free)




Under some conditions, the quest "A Lovely Drop" becomes uncompleteable and you have to fall back to a previous save and replay.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

- Obtain the bottle from the basement

- Deliver it to the patron

- Set off to Russetwood to complete another quest

- While in Russetwood, gather all of the available items

- When you return to town, talk to the bartender who requests certain items

- Since the items no longer exist in Russetwood, and were not "quest items" at the time you gathered them so they are not in your inventory, you have no way forward.





A save game in which the problem can be seen is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/wre15t3s48smkl2/1808f900cd97435381c9e0ca76b01188%2014654586%20StalwartVillage.savegame?dl=0


The fallback point before the problem occurred is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8c8v111chzgb7b/1808f900cd97435381c9e0ca76b01188%2014473451%20Russetwood.savegame?dl=0



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