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Unable to install from GOG.com



I've attempted to download PoE many, many times (10+) over the last month, because after the latest update I was unable to launch the game (GOG Galaxy client said it needed an update, and then it said the game was corrupted, and was unable to repair it). I've been communicating with GOG support for a week or so, and they've been unable to help me figure out what's going wrong. I've attempted to download the game in two ways:


  1. Directly via the gog.com web site in chrome & safari
    • The ".pkg" installer downloads, but installation seems to encounter a problem (no error reported) and the resulting ".app" file is not executable, and has a file size of zero bytes.
  2. Via the Galaxy client
    • The client downloads to 100% and keeps going (attached screenshot). Not sure if this process will ultimately result in a playable game - I will let this process continue tonight.

I've also attempted to move my saved games out of the way, and remove any cached files. I've downloaded, installed and removed the game several times just in the last 3-4 days.


Please help!


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