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Bug: Level 13 quest reward armor card spawning off screen



The card spawns and then moves up off the screen, or if I tap it the card quickly moves up and does the reveal animation, but I can only see the very bottom of the animation. Exiting the game and restarting puts me back at the reward screen with the same result. I've tried story mode with no luck.


I can't find any way to progress since the only way to bypass the screen is to tap the revealed card. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/G14z20p.jpg


Edit: iPad mini with iOS 9.3.1, playing in quest mode with Mersiel, Lem, Lini, Amiri. Logged into Game Center.

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I just had the exact same thing happen.


iOS 8.3

iPad Air

Quest Mode - Normal

Neither Pass and play nor permadeath on.

Kyra and Amiri

Amiri unlocked a card, Kyra unlocked a blessing. Amiri's goes through fine, but when the reveal is done for Kyra, it hovers above the screen, just like the OP.


I can't do quest mode anymore. If I close entirely out of the app, and even rebooted the iPad, every time I tap continue or quest mode, it returns to the victory screen, and repeats the process over again.


Also, this may not have anything to do with it (but more data the better), but the first time I got the victory screen, I wasn't credited with the 100 gold. On the reboots following, the gold was credited. During the quest, my WiFi connection failed twice, so I got the gold purchase message twice.

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