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Gold awards for fresh parties

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So, I guess after the last patch, the devs removed the gold awards for beaten scenarios even when using fresh parties.


The patch notes said that people were exploiting the rewards by farming the early scenarios with high-level well-geared parties, and I absolutely agree that something needed to be done about that. But this solution discourages players from re-playing the story using different party make-ups.


Why would a player pay gold to unlock a new character if playing this character in a new group will prevent (or at least significantly delay) them from getting enough gold for the next character?


I mean, in the time it takes me to win a single scenario on normal with my six character team I could just win Brigandoom three times on legendary with my main group that finished AD2 on heroic (and is halfway through legendary).


My suggestion (which is probably more difficult to implement than I think, but I do believe it will be worth it) is to award the 100 gold to parties that only have gear from the current AD and feats up to the ones achievable by the current scenario.

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