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[3.02] QoL Suggestion: Replace Calisca's Knock Down with Disciplined Barrage

Odd Hermit


The "tutorial" area on PotD is one of the least fun things to do several times in this game.


You've got enemies with high deflection and you have poor accuracy and few talents, abilities, etc. so it's a slog of missing and takes a long time IF your character is a tanky type especially.


Calisca is a damage character, but she's absolutely terrible for this small piece of content. Her knock downs regularly whiff and don't last very long. She would be much better served with 16.5 seconds of +20 accuracy. Especially since she starts with a weapon that favors high accuracy!



I went through the trouble of console commanding in Disciplined Barrage, just to try it out. The results were spectacular, and the tutorial area took less than half the time it took me when I did it without it. I didn't use Knock Down either, since obviously having both would be an unfair comparison.



Here are some screens as proof of the magic of Disciplined Barrage Calisca -








She suddenly becomes a wrecking ball. Look at those beautiful crits!



This character isn't in the game for long, has only one purpose. Let her shine at it. Save me the awful experience of whiffing knock downs and slowly whittling down a bunch of enemies whenever I make my PC a Paladin tank which is almost always.

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