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[bug] Quest freezing



I was running quests and my game is freezing up during the victory screen. I am running it on an iPad (newer 2014/2015 model) with the patch. Here is the game state that is causing the freeze.


Large part of the issue may be that the group is mixed levels.

Marisel -- level 4 (maybe level 3)

Lem/Harsk/Valeros/Sajan -- all level 1


finished the quest (I believe that it was the basic quest - 100 gold reward)

Lem/Harsk/Valeros/Sajan all leveled up to level 3

Marisel leveled up to level 6


the first two rewards were granted fine (ally and boon of my choice)

the picks were 2 spells and 2 weapons which included the war razor +1, great club(?), acid shot (the arcane "B" spell), and I believe invisibility


when the blessing for Marisel is given it freezes. If i click the card the card disappears and nothing happens. If I do not get the card it floats up to the top of the screen and freezes. Both times a halo animation appears from the top of the screen.


Thanks lots.



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