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Question - Iesha Foxglove

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I hope this isn't considered spoilers, and yet don't think this belongs in the tech forum as I am hoping not a bug... but


when I defeat Iesha Foxglove I am meant to be able to search a location deck for the Scrimshaw Man. However, when I defeat her, I never get an option to search a location deck.


I 'think' I used magic but I am not certain, as I know that can affect the 'defeated and undefeated' status. Just wanted to check this was working and is the option easy to miss or obvious to search another location? 

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The only character who can apply the Magic trait to a Wisdom or Charisma/Diplomacy check is Kyra.  Even if you use Eloquence or a similar spell, those don't apply their traits to the check.  (Only cards that define the skill for the check, like weapons and combat spells, do so.)


So if you did it with Kyra, that's a bug.  If it was anyone else, it was correct.

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Thanks da_mayor. Yeah I checked out the Paizo forums re: the card game (been a good while since I played) and I'd forgotten it was only Kyra who can apply magic to that check  - so no bug, I just wasn't defeating her with magic. 


My most hated opponent I think :-/ 

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