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Maps are reset with fog of war, enemies and items respawned



Hi all o/


unfortunately my game is broken - enemies and items have respawned, fog of war is in place again on most locations. Even quests have been reset (messenger at stronghold invites me to meeting with *** again).

I'm afraid this happened because I accidentaly started a second instance of PoE when I was tabbed out to desktop.


Reloading and older savegame gets rid of this but the most recent are corrupted. Would be nice if there is a solution - otherwise do keep more savagames or you might be in trouble!

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Hey knech,


Having multiple instances of PoE up at the same time can cause issues like this. We've taken preventive measures by not allowing players to run multiple instances of the client at the same time. But... people can access different versions of the game simultaneously which pull saves from the same place and will corrupt the data. After this point the saves are not saveable 'no pun intended'. I know this is not the answer you were looking for, but hopefully now that you know the cause for sure you can avoid it in the future.




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