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Bug with White Forge and Adra Discs



I'm at the white forge. I've inserted the two spheres for the eyes. It does not give me the option to insert the adra disc to complete turning on the forge. I think the problem may be that somehow I got two adra discs in my inventory (I didn't use console commands) and it's confusing the game. I've attached  output log, screenshot and system specs. running version 3.02.1008. Save is uploaded to dropbox here https://www.dropbox.com/s/znbdayljpbxk45f/1adf8dac-16a2-4f35-b6d6-9782f49dc06e%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0




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Since no one responded to this, I just reloaded  save from about 2 hours before this point and played through the battery again. Didn't get two discs this time and it worked. 


Still - there's apparently a way to get two discs, so that sounds like a bug. I vaguely remember clicking around on the dialogue options when you click on the pool very quickly or maybe even clicked on the pool again very quickly to get the dialogue again, which may have gotten me the second disc.

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