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[WM2] Suggestion: Abydon's Hammer reactivity



So I just got Abydon's Hammer and while stopping at Stalwart I thought I'd check in at the Temple of Abydon to see if Engrim or Masca or any of the acolytes had something to say about Maneha (gave it to her instead of my main char) sporting a replica of their god's favored tool/weapon.


Sadly all of them seemed to give zero sh!ts about that. No short dialogue or remark of how that hammer looked oddly familiar or how that hammer made them feel kind of funny or something along these lines.


Would be cool if this could be added with one of the next patches.


Some additional short dialogue or remark from Dunstan, the forgemaster at Crucible Keep in First Fires would seem to make sense as well in this regard.

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Well, there's not that much reactivity anywhere. Priest of Eothas / Magran? Don't expect any unique dialogue.


For a game that's often criticized for having too much text, it could really have used a lot lot more;)

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