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[BUG][SPOILERS][SILLY] 3.02-beta - Event NPC at stronghold gets killed, visits again



So, I executed Nyry The Deft Hand when he/she showed up at Caed Nua, 'cause the bitch had the gal to actually come and say to my face "I'm a madafaka, need moneys plox".



Anyway, I had it hung on Turn 8.


I'm now on Turn 16 and guess who's come to visit \o/



Nyry The Deft Hand (seriously ? I mean, I stacked hints here, you shouldn't have had to click this to "guess who's come to visit"  :ermm: )





That's kinda silly aye ?

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something is odd with strongholds visitors since i started my gameplay (the 3.0.1 patch and after)

my first visitor was the Solmar the Shackler, i asked Hiravias to go and free his slaves, then turned to him and decided to execute him

thing is, on adventures tab after i executed him it said that he was heading back and Hiravias was assigned to it

when it was over i got a notification like "word is Solmar the Shackler is furious" and i was like "thats spooky"

my second visitor was Nyry the Deft Hand, i decided to help her and receive her cloak in return

but after i did the adventure tab stated that she will be "returning to stronghold" with +0 +0 (prestige and security) right next to it in some number of days i cant remember (she didn't return)

i have all the upgrades completed and been playing white march (been playing this save for approx 60 hours) but i have yet to see Azzuro (the great hall then merchants stall were the first things i built then treasure generators afterwards rushied to 30 30 and then to 40 40)

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Currently playing on 3.0.2 steam beta

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