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[3.02 beta] my cipher knocked out himself



My cipher knocked out himself with a 10 hits shot. 

I must say, I'm quite impressed, especially if he used his 6 projectiles blunderbuss to do it.

I was fighting a monk.
It's a monk skill? Maybe? I don't play monk.
Just in case, a bug report.


The fight, in short:

My character first attack did 41 damage (pierce) to the monk, in 6 hits (blunderbuss).
My cipher second attack was 107 damage (pierce), in 10 hits against himself.


Combat log (pics under the spoiler):

I send Eder to take a closer look to Sly Cyrdel bounty party in Magram's Fork.
They KO Eder 2 times (second chance armor).




Itumaak run to Eder, ends up kiting a monk to the party.
My cipher (the purple Orlan wearing Kana's hat) attacks with the blunderbuss. 41 damage in 6 hits (2 miss, 3 graze, 1 hit).


Monk attacks Itumaak and Pallegina with rooting pain (the Cipher is not in range).
Cipher receives 107 damages in 10 hits from himself.

Buffs on the monk, from what I could see: Clarity of Agony and Duality of Mortal Precence (Deflection).
Cipher AI: crowd control, defend self.

Cipher powers: mind wave (raw), soul shock (shock), whisper of treason, mental binding, mind blades (slash), psychovampiric shield, ectopsychic echo (crush), secret horrors, pain link.


savegame and output_log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q4wjrtaaqf68ok6/bounty.7z?dl=0

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Hey Suen,


Monks have an ability called Soul Mirror. This gives the Monk a 50% Chance to reflect back missed ranged attacks to the attacker. It seems if one of the Blunderbuss hits misses, there is a 50% chance all 6 hits will be returned to the sender. I'll get a bug in, in the mean time I'd re frame from shotgunning monks.


I got your back


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