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I'm starting with my first character, and want to play the game getting as much lore and story out of it as possible. So my choice fell to a cipher with lots of clever dialogue. I'm not interested in the kind of dialogue options that resolve give me (Intimidation etc), so I thought these might be viable base stats:


mig    17
con    8
dex    15
per    15
int      17
res     6


But now I am wondering, is a ranged cipher build with such a low res even viable? Will I be constantly interrupted? Or will I be able to stun/confuse/etc all enemies not being engaged in melee and enjoy my place in back row?

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If they don't attack you often(because you are in the back), that shouldn't be a problem. It is pretty common to leave con and resolve lower for pure ranged characters. I agree with focusing on the stats that you did; it is a nice spread.


Most cipher power have pretty good range.


Also, though rare, there are items that can shore up concentration. I found one pretty early in my play through, but they are random items.

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