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Elmshore - Adra Pillars

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Hi to all.


A few minutes back I went through Elmshore and stood beneath the Adra Pillars (also marked as this on the map).

Some steps seem to lead inside the big one or to what lies underneath. Is there a clue to go downwards or is this not working.


I´m also wondering why I did´nt get the Achievement that I explored all maps in the main game. I´ve done 2 complete runs in the past.

Any tips?



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The silence on this post is deafening.  Yes, I was wondering about those stairs, too.  They look really interesting!  Very clearly an open staircase leading down into...an adra dungeon? A secret Engwithan chamber?  (Of course it wouldn't exactly be secret, since it's sitting out in plain view.)  But there's nothing there, just artwork, and this post is the only reference I could find online about it.


I suspect it's some concept that was dropped during development, but it's really quite sloppy to leave the original artwork in place.  This would be an easy thing to edit out.  Obsidian seems to obsess about visual details (weather, fire, lighting, capes, etc.) so leaving glaringly wrong artwork in place strikes me as very lame.

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