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Dear Obsidian!


I am not a hardcore fan of this type of games, yet i have played many like NVN, DA, IWD not sure i think i did not play BG tho... it is what it is.

I recently purchased the game from steam, and recently i have purchased a lot of games ... obviously i was looking for something, i was looking for an RPG to take me in that world ... for something engaging, with no in game purchased or at least for them to be cosmetic only or something like that but in vain. Few days ago I have purchased your game and i just want to say THAN YOU VERY MUCH for bringing this amazing game to us, for it being full and complete game, with no excuses, with no missing parts that are locked behind pay walls, thank you very much for the amazing story, full and rich content, and really good graphics, thank you very much for the full experience you provided, and i am really looking forwards of having more games and content of this sort.



This is about all :) just wanted to say thank you 

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