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footsteps sound issue



companion conversations are either cut half way through the talking or one companion's lines aren't played while other does, i'm talking about those that r just played while you walking around doing stuff and not actuall dialogue ones. Also , it just happens randomly, footsteps sounds just becomes louder than any other sound in game without messing up sound settings, wtf, this been in game since release! You release part 2 and i come and see numerous pages of issues, what the hell?! this sound issue is only the beginning and i know it without even searching. Encountered other numerous bugs with items also. Fix your **** already! I didn't pay for this and next thing u release i'll think twice before getting it. You created a great game but you let bugs and glitches ruin the experience, damn you guys


Soundblaster Z with working set of drivers v2.15.04 , havent had any sound issue whatsoever in 2 years, sound of tripping feet right before traveling screen loads every time, what is going on with the sound?

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Try if disabling "Show In-Game Tutorials" and any kind of pop-up messages.


If that "Soundblaster Z" has anything to do with the Creative software "Sound Blaster Cinema" disable it, that software was the reason for it, at least for me.

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