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Explorer achievement, buged?



Hi guys ! 


i'm searching to complete the explorer achievement and i'm confused... i find that seems to have a list of fields to explore to have this achievement (152 locations) and i miss one field named "0112_Bridge_District", i have visited the 2 bridges near de defiance bay but i didn't have the "0112_Bridge_District" file in my data file.


is it a bug or the "0112_Bridge_District" is another location ? 


i have finished the game and did all the quests but can't have this achievement T__T.


Thank's for help ! 


PS: my map : http://hpics.li/3e65e36

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Hey plkk_720,


0112_Bride_District is the Aedelwan Bridge. Are you sure this is the only map you are missing? This doesn't seem correct because you have to have visited this map for the critical path. Where are you getting this list that is telling you what maps you are missing?




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Hi Sking,


Thank's to share your time, i find the list here (steam discussion): https://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618458030668745942/?l=french


my list is here :http://hpics.li/122b0f4


when i compare, i don't find 0112_Bridge_District :/


i have visited this map during a quest (i had to fight with a group on the bridge, but i never had the notice saying i find a new map :/ ) (or i don't remember but the file is not inside my data :/ )



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