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Two minor quest issues with Od Nua (Spoilers)

Fiery Rain


I don't know if this could be called "bugs", but there you go. Didn't know where should I post this, so...

First, elemental prism "puzzle" on Od Nua 7th level. I think this issue has already been mentioned multiple times, but still... As far as I understand it, you're supposed to put prisms onto appropriate pedestals, then activate pedestal in front of the door to the next floor for it to open. But as it stands, there's no need for it - the door opens fine either way, with or without prisms in their respective places. Installing prisms just ignites the "blight-forge" and that's it. No secret doors open, no messages appear, no nothing. So maybe it is a bug that needs fixing? Not that fixing it will add much, honestly - just little more running around, but logic is logic, what can you do. :) Or maybe there IS some connection that flew over my head and something will change? I completed the game on release and it was there, now I'm playing with 2.03 version and it's still persists.

Second issue regarding Kana's quest. Not really a bug, but also somewhat logic-breaking, I guess. Upon completion of "Time and Tide", you're supposed to take Master Staircase, return to the 1st level of Od Nua through secret door and when you do exactly that, you'll meet an ambush and fighting ensues. But that's only if you take Master Staircase and go to the 1st floor of Od Nua - if you skip it and go directly on the surface through the "chapel trapdoor" OR use regular stair, it's perfectly possible to skip the fight altogether, so clueless assassins will remain standing there forever until you literally "stumble" upon them (this actually happened on my 1st playthrough). But this makes little sense, since this fight serves as an "epilogue" to the quest and directly underlines it, reinforcing Kana's motive to follow the Watcher. Maybe this could be rectified somehow? Make them spawn in accordance to player's method of return so you will always be ambushed no matter which way you took?

Now that I think about it, it reminds me of Colonel Tobin fight in (unpatched?) KotOR 2. Very similar - you're SUPPOSED to meet him so he could provide necessary backstory and alternative solution to main quest. But for some reason he instead spawns inside some random room and you could perfectly complete the location without ever interacting with him, or even knowing he was there.

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Hey Fiery Rain


Completing the prism puzzle on level 7 will only despawn the Blights that spawn in the final room (making the final fight easier). The door will open regardless.


The Leaden Key hit squad should spawn at either door depending on which way the player goes up. I'll give this a look and verify this is still the case.


Thanks for the feedback

- Sking

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