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Fire godlike transparent fire overlays effects



Hello everyone,


I have encountered a minor graphical bug, which is really annoying me.


When my fire godlike stands for example in front of the campfire right after character creation, then the flames of the fire are gone just in the area overlayed by the transparent volume, that is there for the flames of the godlike's head.

And only the campfire's FLAMES disappear. The pieces of wood stay, (see image1)

That's the most obvious thing about it.


It seems to me that the volume of the hair-flames is treated like a solid object, because it also starts to shine like armor, when I stand not "south" but " west" of the campfire.(image2)


What I've tried so far:


male/female, different heads

updated my graphic card driver

reinstalled game

played around with all graphic settings

different resolutions/windowed mode

WinXP compatibility mode


Nothing worked so far. If anyone had an idea how to solve this, I would very much appreciate it.


I run the game on this machine:

 AMD Radeon HD7770 1024 MB  GDDR5   1000 MHz
Windows-Version - Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)
Ram - 4 GB
CPU-Type - AMD Phenom II X4 920 Processor







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