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Multi-class proficiency ?

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It looks like it is possible to use spells from another class with a penalty (true ?) but is it really possible to reach two class profieciency and play warrior and mag taking best of both ?


Having a possibility of combining classes would open up an interesting avenue for new powerful builds.

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The "multiclass system" in PoE is vastly different from -- and less extensive than -- the multi or dual classing you might have seen in 1st/2nd edition AD&D (Baldur's Gate), 3rd edition D&D (Neverwinter Nights), or 5th edition D&D.  Rather than having two classes be roughly equal partners in your character development (Baldur's Gate) or getting to divide your level-ups amongst classes as you see fit (Neverwinter Nights), you always level up in the same class in PoE but have the option to take a few talents which are scaled-down versions of spells/powers other classes can use.  For example, if your character is a fighter and you would like to be a fighter/mage, you could take the wizard multiclass talent which lets you occasionally cast a relatively weak magic missile.  If you wanted to take additional steps toward becoming a mage, you would be out of luck.


Josh said around the time PAX was held that he would like to implement a 3e-style multiclassing system in PoE2 if such a game were to be made.  I hope it is and he does, because of the flexibility that such systems open up for players -- although you do have to be careful as a designer not to front-load classes the way 3e initially did, or else you end up making multiclass characters strictly better than single-class characters.     

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