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Installing POE on Linux (Ubuntu) from disk



Hi, I hope someone can help.


I'm kind of new to ubuntu and probably just inexperienced with it but I can't find the answer and have spent a few hours on Google looking.


So I put the disk in the laptop and no autorun. No problem, I find the readme and attempt to follow it's instructions but apparently I'm missing something as I've no idea what to do.


The instructions for linux install:


Insert the Linux Pillars of Eternity disc into your DVD drive.  Pillars of Eternity is
compressed as a .tar.gz file that was split into several smaller chunks in order to be 
compatible with the file system on the DVD.  You must first reassemble those chunks to
a temporary location, and then decompress the archive into the final desired location.
To begin, enter the following at the terminal:
cat <src>/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.* > <tmp>/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz
substituting <src> for the location of the files on the DVD and <tmp> for a local temporary
location to use.
Open the resulting <tmp>/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz file with Archive Manager, and drag the 
'Pillars of Eternity' folder to your desired install location.  Once it has finished
decompressing, you can delete <tmp>/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz file.
So the command I'm entering looks like this (I've tried a few variations)
cat /media/name/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.* > /home/name/Documents/PoE
I get the error that /home/name/Documents/PoE is a directory. When I try something different it tells me that /media/name/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz* does not exist.
What am I doing wrong? I know I need to use the terminal to assemble the files and then extract them but there's something I'm obviously meant to understand but don't.
Thanks in advance, sorry if I'm being dim
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Hey Treemuh89,


Follow these steps and you should be golden;

1. Copy the contents of the DVD to a Folder on your Desktop (Name the Folder "Pillars")

2. Create a new Folder on your Desktop (Name it "tmp")

3. Open your Terminal

4. Type in "cat ~/Desktop/Pillars/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.* > ~/Desktop/tmp/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz"

5. Click the resulting file in your tmp folder (it will open in the Archive Manager)

6. Drag'n Drop the file from the Archive Manager to your Desktop


Let me know if these instructions do not work.

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If you don't want to muck around with the file paths you can probably just drag and drop all the chunks into your temporary location. Then, right click somewhere in that folder, pick "Open in terminal" and run


cat PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.* > PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz

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If I try the first response (cat /media/name/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.* > /home/name/Documents/PoE/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz) I get this error:


cat: /media/kieran/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.*: No such file or directory
Second attempt I moved the chunks into my temp folder. When right clicking 'open in terminal' wasn't an option so I used a cd command to select the location (I think this is correct?). I then ran the command and received an error. This is the dialogue:
kieran@kieran-M17xR3:~$ cd /home/kieran/Documents/PoE
kieran@kieran-M17xR3:~/Documents/PoE$ cat PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.* > PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz
cat: PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.*: No such file or directory
It's like it is just telling me the files aren't there but they are and I'm sure I've checked for spelling erros a hundred times. 
So at the moment I have 'PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.Part1' etc (up to part 4) sitting in my temp folder, PoE, but I am unable to use the cat command to assemble them.
Again, I apologise if I'm being slow and missing something here
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cat /media/name/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.part* > /home/name/Documents/PoE/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz


If that doesn't work, then I dunno because I don't use Linux (Am somewhat familiar with MS-DOS though)

Edited by Nicholas Steel

Windows 10 x64 | Intel i7 920 @ 2.66GHZ | Gigabyte Geforce 760 4GB OC1 Windforce x3 | Integrated Audio | 8GB DDR3 RAM | ASUS P6T | Corsair AX760 PSU

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Thanks for your responses.

I have attempted both methods and am still getting the 'no such file or directory' response.

Here is the dialog from the second attempt as suggested by QA Lead:


kieran@kieran-M17xR3:~$ cat ~/desktop/pillars/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.* > ~/desktop/tmp/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz

bash: /home/kieran/desktop/tmp/PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz: No such file or directory
To confirm, I have two folders on my desktop. One named pillars with the four .tar.gz.part1 etc files in, the other named tmp which is empty
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Oh my goodness why didn't I see what was wrong. Feeling very dumb.


Your instructions did actually have Desktop written correctly, however that wasn't the issue (I had got it wrong but correcting it still didn't work initially).


The problem is that the chunks were labelled pillarsofeternity.tar.gz.part1 etc NOT PillarsOfEternity.tar.gz.part1. I'd checked for capitals on Part1 but not the main text.

Thanks QA, if you hadn't spotted my mistake I'd never of thought to check my spelling for the thousandth time and seen it.

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