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Cipher Spell's problems





i have just started playing solo with Cipher .... i am finding out that Whisper of treason (Charm) , Puppet master (Dominton) spells restarts the combat after 2secs ... even for example i gain 19.7 secs of charm on character or with dominton 10+ secs .... they seam to break out of charm & dominton affect after 2 secs on a average of 80 - 90 % of the time .... the Ringleader spell does the same .... the Pain link & Recall Agony spell only doe's 1 point of damage .. even if you have hit the enemy for example of 70 + damage over the time period.. i have find out that when the charm does go over 2 sec ( rarely ) you can't use Amplified thrust on a controled unit .. even if for short moment you have them under your control ( this would make them a ally ( temperary ally ) . the Antipetholic Field ... only does 3 sec of damage not 6 sec


the stats i use are


Might 10

Cons 10

Dex   16

Per   16

Int     16

Res   10


Then drinking potions in combat you have to click the button 3 times for it to happen ... or you will findout out that it goes through the animations, but only to have the character their with 3 dots over has head

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