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I think the obsidian team are damaging the potential of this game by balancing it so much. Instead of nerfing the crap out of classes I think they should make the encounters more difficult by buffing the monsters/ bad guys ect. When players have lots of exiting abilities and powers to choose from to beat the bad guys it makes the game sooooooo much more fun. For some bizarre reason obsidian are nerfing these powers or are simply creating talents to choose from that are to insignificant or balanced to be of any real use. Solution to this is like I said buff the bad guys and give the players the exiting powers!


95% of the magic items you get in this game are useless redundant cantrip poppers. Magic items in games like this are supposed to be a prize for hard worked adventuring, there is no feeling of reward or gain in pillars from obtaining magic items at the end of quests. When I came across magic item merchants in the game I simply scrolled right through there inventories and hardly ever purchased anything because the items would hardly make any difference to my players. Bring on the bg2 artefacts like the vorpal sword or carsomyr so we can get that feeling of fufillment. I feel like a lost man with a pointless existence running around the pillars world collecting garbage. The soulbound weapons are actually weaker then the high dps wepons that you can enchant.... I mean seriously wtf?..........stop balancing stuff so much please!

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