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summoned skeletons have 0 DR



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The other day, I pulled out some skeletons against some spiders in the dungeons of caed nua. I can confirm they also have 0 DR against piercing damage. On POTD, they pretty much fold up as soon as they come out. A chanters's level one summon choices are: summon a paralyzing, sneak attacking, kick-ass phantom or summon three speed bumps.


If they at least had normal skelli DR, then I may consider them if I want three bodies over a phantom.


Kana is forever saddled with them.


Bump for a fix...

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Hey hamstermonger,


That is correct. They are set to have a zero DR. This was a design decision to prevent them from being overpowered. However I'll look into if they are maybe underpowered and we can decide if we want to give them a bump.


Thanks for the input  

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Good to know, thanks. I had not realized this was by design.


Speaking from a POTD perspective, their offensive power is negligible. If they had normal human skeleton DR, they could at least serve as three bodies to clog things up a bit on the battlefield. As it stands now, they are completely outclassed by Reny by several orders of magnitude.


Regardless, thanks for taking a look.

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