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New Heavy armors and my two tanks..

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Currently I have my toon who is a Pally in Hendrix coat and the Pally buckler. 


Eder is in the shiny new white march armor with 'wave' and the larder door. 


Both have shield and one hand style and are basically there to pick up adds while my pike wielding rogue, my cyper and aloth burn down the enemies. 

I have taken more damaging abilities on Eder and now found out I am gimping the damage on him by using the bashing shield. 


The pally uses shatterstar which has a shock lash and Eder uses Ravening. I have resolution but thought that raven was better.....


As far as armor I was going to give Eder the dinner plate buckler I found that has 'retaliate' on it, OR equip him with a two hander like an Estoc or some other one. Not sure if he will take a lot more damage or just to keep the buckler on him. 


I was interested in other heavy armors for both. Does anyone know if there are some nice heavy DR 16+ heavy armors in White March? I know of the Golden Scales and Eder has the newer one you get in the village. 


Any comments or advice are welcome. I also put my pally in Zelous Focus for the accuracy buff. This seems to  help more than having the defensive buff.....We are all 9th lvl. 

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