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Installation Crashes



Hi All


I purchased this game and downloaded it yesterday.  After it installed and I tried to play it gave me a message saying the "the game crashed"


"The crash report folder name "2015-09-26_****" next to the game executable…. "  I could not figure out how to fix it so I thought maybe the disk was bad and brought it back to the store.  They said I could not return it but could exchange it for another disk.  I really did not want another disk as I really just wanted a stand-alone disk and this one makes you join steam… etc.  I got the replacement disk.


Bought it home and installed that one… it did its update and again when trying to play it gave me this message again.


"The game Crashed.  The crash report folder named "2015-09-6_***" next to game executable ***."


What do I do to make this game work?  The specs on the computer are :  Win 7 Home Premium, Intel Core TN 3.20 Ghz, 4GB Ram, 64-bit.


Thank you




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