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Some random suggestions

Guest Jamila

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I would like to share some ideas to improve the game (which is anyway great, the best thing I played in years):


1) Add autosave either generally at battle start or at least at certain points where major/boss battle follows immediately after a dialogue. Especially on highest difficulty settings, when it may take a few reloads and attemtps, it becomes tedious to go through sometimes lenghty dialogue each time.

Also, I have a hunch placed traps are not saved - would be nice if they were.


2) Make characters ignore traps when told to cast a spell on location that is rigged; i.e. make them not to move to disarm a trap, but cast a spell as intended.


3) Make Palladin's Liberating Exhortation affect any target, not just ally, or take into account target's original allegiance, because if I want to liberate charmed/confused party character, palladin will instead attack.


4) Related to charming/confusing: add some options like "buff party members no matter what" or at least (since that party members do not recieve buffs while charmed/confused might be considered legitimate, the cost of being under enemy control) "don't buff allies who are not party members" to prevent buffing/healing charmed/confused enemies. I may not want to lend them powerful buffs they will use against me a couple of seconds later.


5) Add some AI option to tell a character how many enagements he/she is allowed to break while following an enemy he/she is attacking. I.e. if set to 0, a character will not follow (and won't get hit in disengagement), if set to 1, a character will follow only if it means single enemy will hit them in disengagement etc. Set to -1 could work as hold ground. Because I noticed sometimes an enemy decides to disengage and move away, which in turn makes my character disengage several other enemies, which is not entirely desirable.

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#2, 3, and 5 are definitely up my alley, and I can see the appeal in #4 as well. (And #1, but mashing F5 seems to be a tic of mine, so I have less experience with those situations >.>)

The counterargument to #4, of course, is that there need to be downsides to changing a character's allegiance mid-combat, but the counter-counterargument is that for the duration of the enemy's charm/dominate effect on your character, you're stacking buffs on someone who is in the process of beating your a**.



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