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Items and characters disappeared. Abilities messed up. Don't have a working save.





Suddenly the items of half of my party have vanished! Skill and talents are messed up, non-active party members have disappeared. I had the paladin with me, the save game shows it as a active member, but when you try to load the game she is not there. The icons in the HUD have some strange icons describing the missing items. Some items are preserved, but most of them are gone.


I was just moving between zones. I made a quick save, tried a dialogue to see what will happen, then quick loaded and went to another zone. Then I decided to level my chars, and noticed that half of them are naked and with messed abilities. For example the rangers have the upgraded knockback ability, but the level up screen shows the normal knockback as a choice.


Please, please, please tell me this can be fixed. I just lost around 10 hours of progress :(


Game version: v 2.01.0721 -steam


Save games, screenshots, dxdiag and output_log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5g5e5dr18az483i/pillars_bug.zip?dl=0


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