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Chanter bound Stormcaller bugged?

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So, the second upgrade on Stormcaller for Chanters is 5% Chance on hit or critical hit to cast "The Thunder Rolled Like Waves On Black Seas". When I first read this I thought; Great thats a nice effect.


After using the bow I noticed the effect would hardly ever go off while Eder's St Ydwens 5% proc was activating pretty regularly. So I did some testing:


This Stormcaller passive will ONLY trigger if you have 3 or more chants already built and when it does trigger, it consumes 3 chant charges.


Is this really the intended behaviour?


As it stands the passive may as well not even be there, it can even be a hindrance in some situations where you might be saving up chants for a higher level invocation and you get a random proc and lose 3 charges. My thinking is that the effect should be free and independant of your chant levels.


Also does anyone know if similarly a Ciphers Stormcaller Soul Shock effect uses 10 focus when it triggers?

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