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Bug Report: New Bugs after latest patch



Hi Obsidian Entertainment,


there are several new bugs in your latest patch: Barbarian frenzy not working, accuracy on items broken, druid spells broken and tons more... (And let me say at this point: you advertise that Pillars of Eternity has localized in many languages, but in German the item Names and descriptions are still wrong and this since release of the standard game! Only playable in English)

What are you up to? Will these bugs fixed in the next days? I mean, you bring out an addon and then another patch, fix some soulbound items issues and break the game completely especially if you play on path of the damned difficulty.

Thanks in advance for a short statement.

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The lack of communication on this topic has been very upsetting.  I check PoE every day to see if my barbarian PC's frenzy ability works again, and every day I am disappointed.  In a game that is so tied to player immersion, having to put the game on pause for almost two weeks has really killed the game play experience.  Somewhat regret having invested in both the base game and expansion pass :(


Obsidian, when are you going to address this?  Please provide some sort of ETA.

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