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Game still unplayable on Mac after 2.01





When I first bought the game a few months ago I managed to get about 15 hours of gameplay on my mac with only a few occasional crashes during saves. Then you guys released the "fix" for the unity issue and I stopped playing for a few weeks hoping to resume once the higher resolutions were made available again. I had been using 1680 x 1050 before, and I didn't have any issues besides the slightly overactive fans.


When it became clear that the resolution issue would be ignored, I decided to give the game another try on 1440x900, but I realized that the latest updates had made the game unplayable for me. Even with the lower resolutions the game crashes about 80% of the time when saving or switching between areas. I tried several workarounds that I found on the forums, but nothing seems to have any impact besides turning graphics settings all the way down, which again, makes the game unplayable in a different way.


I'm trying to figure out whether these issues have still not been addressed or if its something with my particular setup that can be fixed (maybe something like save game corruption)?



MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014)

16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

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In case someone else is experiencing frequent crashes in Mac, this is what I did in order to make the game bearable:

- As is discussed in another thread, you can enable larger resolutions by going to System Preferences -> Display and then setting resolution to "Scaled". I've been using 1680x1050 and it seems stable (the fans might get pretty loud though).


- As for the frequent crashing while saving or switching between areas, it seems that the resolution setting doesn't have a noticeable impact on stability. Instead, what appears to be causing frequent crashes on my system is having the graphics settings above low when saving or switching between areas. So what I ended up doing is just setting the graphics slider to low before saving or moving to a new area and then just moving it back to medium after loading is complete. This is somewhat annoying, but has eliminated the crashes completely, and it's much better than having to restart the whole game.


Considering these symptoms, it seems that there could be a particular graphics setting that doesn't get along too well with saving/ map transitions, so maybe Obsidian could explore these possible fixes:

  • Providing a more granular graphics setting menu, so that we can turn off the offending setting by itself instead of just setting everything to low.
  • Programmatically apply the fix described above on affected systems. That is, automatically turn down graphics settings before saves/transitions and then restore original user settings.
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