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[2.01] Can t travel to White March areas except to Stalwart





Since 2.01, I'm experiencing a bug which forbid me to travel to the areas from White March except Stalwart.

I can't continue my quests there anymore.


What happened ?

I was looking for Galvino and experienced the bug with wrong stats numbers on the "flesh golem" with the 2.00 version. (Hopefully only 120+ deflection, reflex and will)

I tried the 2.01 beta, killed the monster and found Galvino.

I came back to Stalwart and there all the previous scene you encountered the first time appeared again except that there was no quest update since I already have done them.

Since then, I'm not able to travel to the other areas from White March.

I stopped.

My game updated to 2.01.

Still the same.

I decided to visite Caed Nua.

Again all first time scene appeared again and items (I have 2 whispers of Yenwood).

And I'm not even able to speak to the stewart anymore.

Furthemore, It seems like all the monster reinitialise in the endless path. (At least the first level for sure)

Feel like my game is broken.


Playing condition :



At the end of the chapter 2.


I already have finished the game with another party so I don't feel the need to rush on chapter 3.



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