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Various UI Problems - Patch 2.00 Version



As Hassat Hunter revives his thread i will go on with the UI minor and major quirks. So far a bunch of the things from my old thread got resolved.


Game System is the same as allways: Linux, Nvidia Geforce GT 330m, driver 331.113, Full HD resolution

First the already known unsharp text rendering



The arrow on the bow still disappears on the big character models. In the character creation screen, in the inventory, in the level up screen.



The text of „Wirkungen“ is quite long. So long that the popup does not want to start above, but on the line, with the result that the end is not visible.



Directly on the start, if you go into stealth at the first point where you can move your character the red circle appears on the spot where the character was initial placed. It moved towards the fire via a scripted action. The circle snaps back on the first move command.



The Scheiterhaufen (whats that in english?) is not disappeared after the end of the vision camera effect.



In the ex gilded vale temple there is a "hole" in the wall for the fog revealer.



Bloodbath attacks pets! But misses.


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