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Endless Path level 3 Statue bug?

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Nothing is happening when i put the Sabre Resolution in statue's hand........


In fact whichever dialogue option i choose whether to put the Resolution in statue's hand or to leave or to examine.....nothing happens. I just get stuck in the dialogue although for some wierd reason I can quick load the game to get out of the dialogue.


Does anyone know whats going on here?

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I completed this on my first play through, have yet to do it on my current play through, as I'm only level 5 and in Defiance Bay. I don't remember the exact sequence of events, but if I remember correctly, when I placed the sabre in the statues hand, I could hear the grinding of a door opening behind me (I think). But I do know that it opens a door just outside of the room with the statue, to another smaller room. The outline of that door is pretty obvious early on before you place the sabre. I don't think there are any other steps involved.

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