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Hi All! First post. 


Was wondering what your thoughts were on the Guildmasters Staff?



I really, really want this staff to be useful because I love the idea of what it could be, but the spell enchantment, Restore Minor Endurance, is to weak to be useful, even when you first get it.


If it had something like Restore Moderate Endurance on it, I feel it would actually be useful even to end game. (and compared so something like Taulantains staff, with 3x fireballs, a staff with 3x restore moderate endurance casts sounds balanced).


Admittedly, if there was a suggestions forum here, I would have put this in there... anyone know if there is a place to submit things that devs look at from time to time?

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To be honest, I thought of it as the Guildmaster from this forum. I think it's an admin account that more than one of the devs use, but I can't remember why. To me, it's kind of an Easter egg. I would like to see it get an upgrade or something in the future. Bishop always makes me think of the community here much more than the vast vast majority of golden named NPCs we see.


...But, like I said, I'm with you on making it useful. <.<

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