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Disenchantment / Re-enchantment in White March?

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Hi all,


I'm new here and found several previous discussion threads on the topic of disenchantment. Most if not all of the posters in prior discussions seemed to agree that this is a desired feature. Some even suggested it was a planned feature to be fleshed out in a later patch.


But none of those threads came with an official response and with the release of White March coming soon. I figured it's probably time to bring this back up again.


Here's why it needs to be in the game ASAP. Actually we should have had it already.


1) We now have character retraining from 2.0 beta. And that makes the demand for re-enchanting even more urgent. For instance, my level 12 spell caster originally had Scion of Flame, but I retrained him/her to be shock / freeze / corrode-focused instead. But now I'm stuck with a flame-lash weapon. I can't get an identical unique weapon anywhere in the game. I ended up going back all the way to level 6 before I enchanted my weapon any way. So what's the point of retraining any way then?


2) Also, with the slaying enchantments it would be useful to override them. If I expect to be going into a dungeon full of vessels. then I'm enchant my weapons to be vessel slaying. With the next dungeon I'll reapply something else. That would actually make slaying properties much more useful, rather than a filler of anvil slots.


3) Same with the elemental damages, they can just be overridden once a new enchantment in the same category is re-applied. It seems a simple enough feature that shouldn't take up much resources at all (correct me if I'm wrong on this one. I'm not a programmer).


I'm sure the devs are working every hard to improve other aspects of the game. But I would really appreciate a response / confirmation from devs.


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