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Huge added Slash damage.

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My four melee characters are all getting a huge slash damage bonus, but I can't track the source.  I'm not using any potion or spell buffs in combat.


For example:


Eder hits Wood Beetle for 222 Pierce damage.  Acc:66 – Def.:33 = 33. Roll:52 + 33 = 85 (Hit). 29.3 – (DR:14.0 – 5.0) = 20.3 Pierce + 201.7 Slash.


Eder's weapon:   Blade of the Endless Paths:  Damage: 23-33 Pierce (base 20-29) vs. Deflection; DR Reduction: 5 DR bypass; Superb: +12 Accuracy, +45% Damage


I understand the 20.3 Pierce damage value, but where does the 201.7 Slash damage come from?  His weapon isn't even supposed to do Slash damage.


These bonuses made the Adra Dragon very easy.





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