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Hi! :)


Wonderful game, i love it! I've a little doubt, sometimes in the "Log" of my fortress appear the message Psionic *something* of Foscavalle reached your fortress. What i've to do?


Thanks in advantage for replies :yes:


-I don't know if it's right section, if not, i'm sorry!

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As you build up your stronghold, you attract visitors. Some are good and some are bad. Good visitors provide some benefit or another, such as yielding some prestige. Bad visitors are a liability and you can opt to leave them in your fortress or have one of your resident NPCs who is currently residing at the stronghold escort the bad visitor away. So, the immediate answer is that you don't have to do anything. I don't really think this is a spoiler as the stronghold was a stretch goal so folks know it's in the game. As for visitors, that's a gameplay mechanic, so all around this forum is as good a place as any for your inquiry.

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Remembering tarna, Phosphor, Metadigital, and Visceris.  Drink mead heartily in the halls of Valhalla, my friends!

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