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A worthy game..and 2.0 qq

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First of all, Thank you to the developers for this game! (I never do this, but here its warranted).  Thank you for not pandering to the ADD ridden youthful masses, who can't read 2 words of quest text before wriggling anxiety sets in and sends them over the edge, simply to guarantee sales.


You don't see quality storytelling and focus on intelligent play win out over packageable fetch quests and riding the yellow brick minimap rail-road much these days, and to see it coupled with the nostalgia of top-down perspective, dynamic convo-driven npc interaction,  and interface/graphics style kicked back to the days of olde and integrated with modern hardware and lighting effects, bravo. 



That said, I have run across notices for the 2.0 expansion and corresponding update patch indicating some of the planned additions, most of which look awesome but only 1 which seems like a must at this point for me personally (single person stealth/sneak,  and maybe inproved AI as a close second if I'm being picky).   My question is, does anyone have an idea as to a time frame when we can expect to see that update patch?   I know the expansion itself has no release date yet, but I am hoping someone knows when the update which will lay the gameplay foundation changes ahead of time which the expansion requires will come out a bit before the entire expansion is released.   Any info greatly appreciated!





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