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I really like how POE allows the player several options to approach a situation. You can approach the Castle from (Spoiler), (Spoiler) or with a direct assault through the front gate. You can take the side of the Lord or his cousin. In Defiance Bay you an ally with any one of the fractions. If you complete a quest for the Knights new NPCs appear on the main map. In another encounter you can use a grappling hook to cross a ravine.


I would like to see DLC or an expansion that builds on this.


Example: There is a Knight's keep and a rival lord that wants to take over the keep. The PCs can decide to help either side. They can take actions to defend the keep or take actions to help the rival lord seize the keep. The actions that the PC takes can dramatically alter how this scenario plays out and the condition of the keep afterwards - i.e. is it captured, left in ruins or enhanced with new defenses, attract new defenders - is the lord of the Keep a Level 8 Fighter or Does he become a Level 12 fighter (i.e. each quest the PCs complete for the lord of the keep - provides the lord with an experience bonus - increasing his level and perhaps attracting more defenders to the keep). The PCs can complete quests that provide more defenders for the keep or quests that weaken its defenses - i.e. slay the lord (not easy to do) and some defenders of the keep may desert .

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