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"Reach out to soul" sound effect not playing, party member sound bites not playing on pause



Patch 1.06 Steam version


I've started playing again after a multiple week hiatus and I've noticed some sound bugs that may be tied to my save files (based on what I read on another forum, though it was the only similar issue I could find).


First off, when "reaching out to souls" the loud bassy sound effect that normally accompanies it doesn't play. No difference between main quest or kickstarter backer characters.


Might be related, when paused characters don't make acknowledgement sounds anymore when I click on them, I noticed that when I'm reaching out to souls the game is paused as well so it might be the same bug disabling both sets of sound effects.


Attach files isn't letting me upload my save for some reason, even the <1mb one, hopefully it's something I can fix from this end if anyone's had similar problems.

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