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Fiery paladin min max build aka chilli meat-shield for hard, fire godlike darcozzi


M19 D3 C3 R18 P18 I16


Flames of devotion, built around


Fires Darcozzi, flame shield


Zealous endurance, dr is nice


Scion of flame, will use scrolls and pump up damage a bit


Sworn enemy, should have gun by now, negates acc issues and bit more alpha strike appeal


Vulnerable attack, should pump up fire retal a bit as losing power


Liberating exhortation, used when required


Sword and shield, need some reflex


Righteous soul, start working defence


Deep faith, more defence


Reinforcing exhortation, handy for dps friends(rogue) standing right behind you


Penetrating shot nice synergy with lead splitter, defence all good, pump up offence time


Carries many scars, lead spitter, little saviour and shatter star.


Sneak to get out front and be a target. Pick a high priority target and melt with fod and sworn enemy. Get someone to cast combusting wounds around you if possible.Reload if quaffing spirit shield potion (30concentration + dr )watch enemies punch themselves out on you while doing so and laugh a little(low level to mid level) Reload done fod again and pick another target. Switch to shield and weapon. Stand there for ages due to low Dex or pump out some scrolls/spell if necessary. Battle should be pretty close to finishing. Stand there like statue and laugh a little bit more.


Bit of theory crafting but trying tonight, should be fun if nothing else :) most convo skills met and sort of rp, in a watch them all burn for his god sort of way.

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