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[1.06] DR-reduction armor enchantments no longer correctly applied



Did DR-reduction amor enchantments break in 1.06?
Just noticed today as I was enchanting some armor to increase its min stat, that dr-type proofing enchantments aren't correctly applying in the armor's overall DR.
As far as I remember, this worked fine in earlier versions... has anyone else encountered this?
Steps to reproduce:
- e.g. Fine Mail Armor by default is DR 11 (Slash 17, Crush 6)
- add crush-proofing, which should add +3 DR to Crush, but after enchanting description says DR 11 (Slash 17, Crush 7) not (Slash 17, Crush 9) as it used to before the patch.
Combat log also shows only 7 DR when hit with crushing, should be 9 DR.
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