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The Master's Tools conversation with hostility before and after



On level 12 of the endless paths I'm able to sneak forward and get in range of Tcharek to start the quest conversation. However as soon as the conversation ends, all of the vithracks attack. 


Savegame and output log are here: https://cmu.box.com/s/i8ve9mt2xo0pbgttgfatqam26rckk9p6


The output log was created by loading the savegame and then sneaking into the vithrack space along the south wall, getting attacked and then quitting the game mid-combat. Once in range of Tcharek, the conversation starts, even though the westmost vithrack is already moving to attack, and Tcharek seems to be red highlighted as well. As soon as the conversation ends, they all attack. I've tried it without sneaking as well, and don't always even get in range to start the conversation.


I note that the output log has an awful lot of TextXML Parse errors early on looking for C:/Users/bnagy/AppData/Local/Temp/Obsidian Entertainment/Pillars of Eternity\TempSaveData. I suppose that could be fine. Similarly, at the end of the file, there IS a null reference exception with the UINewsManager.OnDestroy() call. Classically, I'd worry about data corruption due to dereferenced null pointers, but since an exception is being thrown It's probably been caught safely and shouldn't be responsible for the problem I'm seeing.


So I don't think the output log contains any smoking guns.




Edit: this is on version -steam  under windows.

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