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[1.05][BUG][MAJOR] Equipment missing after area transition to AR_0011_Dyrford_Tavern_02

Guest Zoso the Golden


Guest Zoso the Golden


When I make the area transition the second level of the tavern in Dyrford (Dracogen) to confront Lord Harond, 3 pieces of equipment of my hired adventurer Orlan fighter are suddenly missing: Saint's War Armor, Fulvano's Boots, and the neck item (I don't remember exactly what it was). 

[NOTE: I marked this as MAJOR because it happened on a Trial of Iron PotD/Expert mode playthrough, and with no workaround available (using the console breaks achievments, right?), losing 2nd chance might well result in a failed playthrough. If you disagree or have a viable workaround, please let me know.)


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

As I'm playing on Trial of Iron, there is no way for me to make this reproducable. (To my understanding, as of patch 1.05, you need to save once you loaded a Trial of Iron save, so there was no way for me to work around the issue, short of using the console, which would break all my achievements (including, but not limited to, Triple Crown... I'll just take it as a means to make triple crown a bit more challenging :-)


I'm running two playthroughs in parallel, the entire difference being Trial of Iron Mode.


In the non-ToI playthrough:

  • I stripped my hired orlan fighter of all her gear,
  • swapped out my for Grieving Mother (using the area transition from Caed Nua, which I canceled after the swap),
  • transferred all the gear to Grieving Mother,
  • moved to the final chamber in the Skaen Temple,
  • rehearesed the final battle agains Wymund a twice from a quicksave, telling Grieving Mother "do it" each time (without saving after the battle - I wan't sure if I wanted to do this on ToI).

In the ToI playthrough:

  • I decided against Grieving Mother (and used my orlan fighter instead).
  • I saved directly after the successful battle.

In my non-ToI playthrough:

  • I repeated the battle (with Grieving Mother).
  • I picked up all the loot.
  • Leveled up my hired rogue, but not Grieving Mother (who had earned enough XP as well).
  • I returned to Caed Nua.
  • I stripped Grieving Mother of all "her" gear (or so I thought).
  • I swapped her out for my fighter (again, using a canceled area transition from Caed Nua, not the Stronghold menu).
  • When reequipping my fighter, I noticed Fulvano's boots were missing, and figured I'd left them with Grieving Mother.
  • I didn't swap the two again to see if I was right, but instead reloaded the Autosave and started over from there.
  • Swapped the two again, transferring all the equipment in the process, without a problem.
  • Went to the dyrford tavern, asked the guard, went upstairs, confronted Loard Harond, and killed him.
  • Decided against killing Lord Harond, reloaded the Autosave, and threatened him instead.
  • Saved thhe result as a regular save.

In my ToI playthrough:

  • Picked up the loot.
  • Went straight to the tavern, 2nd floor.
  • When I arrived, I noticed my orlan fighter (which I hadn't swapped out in this playthrough) to be in her underwear.
  • Consulting the inventory, I found her armor (Saint's War armor), her boots (Fulvano's boots) and her neck item (some cape, I guess) missing.
  • Saved anyhow (To my understanding, as of patch 1.05, you need to save once you loaded a Trial of Iron save).

From what I figured from the log, when the area transition is complete, suddenly some parts of the model are no longer avaialble (skeleton, cape, left forearm etc.), so I guess that's why the gear get's thrown away. If this has something todo with what I did in the other playthrough, I can only guess.

Also noticed that since yesterday evening, the News item regarding patch 1.06 beta is no longer visible (I guess that not related).

Plus, there are numerous Xml-Serializer exception regarding TempSave - this might or might not more related to the problem at hand.


Important Files:


https://www.dropbox.com/s/27eilpcp4m7lzoa/reproduction.7z?dl=0 contains all relevant save files, output_log.txt (sorry if I made this unuasable by opening the game an hour later...), and a dxdiag (I don't think that's relevant).

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