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Update Suggestions - Add New Content (minor)

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I would like to see future updates 1.06+ continually add new content to the game. Not as much as you would find in a DLC or Expansion, just minor additions.


1. Update some conversations to account for player's reputation

2. New side quest that uses an existing map, perhaps encounters/quests that are trigged by your reputation or the completion of other quests.

3. Add conversation to a non-speaking NPC

4. Create a grimore to be found contains a new spell or spells with a lore level requirement.

5. Improve Skills (high level lore unlocks new enchantments or spells, high level mechanics increase AOE for traps)

6. New Talents

7. Greater Move Visible effect of reputation on priests

8. More chances to encounter fatigue penalty obstacles (i.e. swim and you suffer a higher penalty to fatigue

9. Random Ecounter(s) while traveling

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