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stories and quests for premade party ...

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first of all i would like to say tha poe has made a dream come true for me game... is really nice and cant stop playing ...i end the game and remake parties lol anyways only wanted to express a wish...one of the things i always wished to see in bg icewind dale and ofc poe is stories or quests for party members we make in game as well as comments and discussions from them like the ones from in game characters we can select for the party...i dunno if its sthing that can be done but i always like making parties trying synergies etc but at the same time i miss having comments from the party members or stories from them sthing which i really enjoy when i only use party members i find in game...maybe in character creation there could be an option where we can select if we want a certain story/quest for our premade party members or if we dont want we can skip for those who dont really like stories...hope developers consider this thanks

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