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[1.05] Putting items in the stash outside of a town on expert



It's possible to put items in the stash even when playing on expert difficulty (or just having Unrestricted Stash unticked, I suppose, but I haven't tested this).




When I try to drag items from inventory to the stash I cannot put them down and get a proper error message.




But when I drop the dragged item not on the opened stash's grid but on the stash icon in the inventory, it sure gets transferred to the stash. No matter if I'm in a location that allows stash access or not. On the screenshots I'm in the Gilded Vale Eothas Temple.




Of course the item cannot be taken out from the stash and that's fine.




It's also possible to put items in the stash from looting interface. If you select the stash icon instead of a character's portrait when looting, left-clicking on items that are in a container, dead body etc. transfers them to the stash.

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