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Brainstorming spell ideas for the expansion

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Post any cool ideas for spells you'd like to see in the expansion(s). These can be higher level spells (7-10) as there are 10 levels in the spellbook UI, thus more powerful than anything that exists currently, or new spells of existing levels.


My ideas:



  • Shadow assassin. Single foe target. Attacks will. Summons a shadow double of the target, that has the same stats, but only 1/2 endurance and can not use any abilities. The target is Terrified until the double is alive.
  • Harvest essence. Deals raw damage to an ally, granting some focus. Costs 0 focus. Touch range.
  • Mind meld. Target an ally. All stat scores for the cipher and the ally are changed to the greater score of the two for x seconds.
  • Misdirection. Target an ally. Targeted ally gains +2 engagement slots and the cipher becomes invisible for x sec or until he attacks or the targeted ally is knocked out.
  • Telekinetic blade. Requires  a melee weapon equipped. Target an enemy (long range). Attacks deflection. The enemy takes damage from the primary attack +x%.
  • Emphatic curse. Target an enemy. Attacks will. Targeted enemy takes x% of damage taken by anyone in x meters radius around him as raw damage for a short duration.


  • Prismatic wall. Creates an energy barrier. Anyone passing through takes x-y random element damage and is blinded and dazed (vs will).
  • Freezing grasp - Summons magical fist weapons. They do x-y frost damage and have +z accuracy and paralyze on crit.
  • Mental projection - Creates a duplicate of the wizard that is capable of casting all his spells (uses per rest or per encounter are shared)
  • Orb of annihilation  - Deals x1-y1 frost damage and paralyzes vs fortitude, Deals x2-y2 shock damage and weakens vs reflex, Deals x3-y3 fire damage and blinds vs will (singe target). Targets with low endurance are destroyed instantly. Effects are applied in random order.
  • Mental unshackling - contingency that activates on any disabling effect. The wizard is still unable to move or use weapons but can cast spells for x seconds.
  • Telekinetic pull - targets are pulled x meters towards the center of the effect (vs fortitude) and are knocked prone (vs reflex).
  • Pyrokinesis  - targets in large aoe take x-y immediate fire damage and z fire damage over time (vs reflex).


  • Font of elemental power. Hazard aoe that increases all elemental damage of allies standing in it by x%.
  • Swarm of biights - summon 3 random blights
  • Cyclone - summon a gigantic tornado that slowly moves from the druid, pushing everything away and dealing crush + freeze damage (vs fortitude)
  • Poison weapon - druid's weapon attacks weaken targets on hit for x secons
  • Sandstorm - deals piercing damage and blinds in large aoe vs reflex, lasts x seconds
  • Take roots - Druid immobilizes himself, while gaining a large bonus to DT, max endurance, regeneration and all saves
  • Rooting vines - stuck vs reflex in aoe.
  • Dehydrate - target receives -x constitution penalty and takes raw damage over time vs fortitude
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