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Lady Webb - No Invite at All



I have a variation on the theme of the others who are having issues with the animancy hearings.... I can't get ANY invite. I did all the quests for the dozens, but didn't get the invite. Then I tired getting the "burned all my bridges" option, and I don't even get that.  I tried hacking the conversation file (I've since reset it to how it was before my tinkering) trying to trip the "burned all my bridges" option.


Right now, none of the factions will give me an invite, citing my alliance with the others, and I don't get the "burned my bridges" so I'm completely stuck!


Here is my save bundle:


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So, I went on a killing spree.... killed off the Knights and the Dozens and finally tripped the "I'm incompetent" bridge-burning option. (I'd already thoroughly agitated the Doemanels). So I'm through that part of the game... just not how I really wanted it to go! It should have given me the Dozens' invite, but it never did :(

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